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[life.photo] Понравилось несколько фотографий

Конец года хорош тем, что начинают попадаться на глаза подборки лучших фотографий года. В парочке таких подборок взгляд зацепился за следующие снимки:

Morning dew hung in a spider's web in Seeburg, Germany. (Julian Stratenschulte/AFP/Getty Images)

A lion cub walked in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park.(Noor Khamis/Reuters)

A squirrel defended its food against a pigeon after snowfall in central park in Minsk, Belarus. ( Sergei Grits/Associated Press)

HOW’S MY HAIR LOOK? (Nature) - Female bonobos carry and nurse their young for four years and give birth on average every five years. (Photo and caption by Graham McGeorge/National Geographic Photo Contest)

PIECE OF HEAVEN (Places) - Jamnik, a small village in Slovenia. One morning in autumn, fog was just in the right height at the right time. The atmosphere was heavenly, unforgettable. (Photo and caption by Janez Tolar/National Geographic Photo Contest)

TRONA PINNACLES (Places) - We were leaving Trona Pinnacles after spending the night there when I looked back and saw the hazy morning light striking the landscape in a really magical way. I used the 300mm setting on my lens to compress the pinnacles up against the mountains in the background. I converted the picture to black and white to emphasize the shapes of the pinnacles and their relationship to the mountains. (Photo and caption by Bill Sharpsteen/National Geographic Photo Contest)

GREAT WHITE, SUN LIGHT (Nature) - As I am sitting on top of a suspended submersible cage, 30 feet below the surface, a 15 foot Great White Shark swims overhead just starting to block out the sun. I took the shot right after I had released a breath though my respirator. (Photo and caption by Kirk Nielsen/National Geographic Photo Contest)

BUTTERFLY AT SUNSET (Nature) - Macro shot of a butterfly with the sunset in the background. (Photo and caption by Toni Guetta/National Geographic Photo Contest)

WINDSWEPT LADY (Nature) - One of the times visiting Monument Valley, Arizona, I was in a box canyon when a severe dust storm came through. This is a photo of an aged, old juniper tree. Its weather-torn skeleton has lasted sun, heat, snow, wind, and nature's elements. It's shape and outline looks as if it's an old windswept and aged lady still standing in a harsh desert climate. (Photo and caption by Dave Drost/National Geographic Photo Contest)

A sail boat on Lake Leman during a warm autumn day in Chexbres, Oct. 5, 2012. (Valentin Flauraud/Reuters)

A girl jumps off a luggage box inside a waiting room of a long-distance bus station ahead of a national-wide eight day break for celebrating China's Mid-Autumn festival and National Day, in Hefei, Anhui province, Sept. 29, 2012. (Reuters)

Two Adirondack chairs sit vacant on a dock along the misty shore of the Androscoggin River in Turner, Maine, Oct. 3, 2012, as the fall foliage nears peak color. (Amber Waterman/Sun Journal)

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