пятница, 26 февраля 2016 г.

[vcs.flame] Разработчики Bazaar троллят фанатов Git-а ;)

Понравилась ремарка, найденная в документации к DVCS Bazaar (я только пофиксил ссылки в ней):

Some Git fans claim Git is now as easy to learn as Bazaar or Mercurial. With respect, we strongly disagree. For example, read and compare the help for the log command across the various tools: 4 pages for bzr log, one page for svn log, 26 pages for git log, and one page for hg log.

How many of the 26 pages of help for git log do you honestly understand? Could you explain it to everyone in your team? Wouldn’t you prefer a tool like Bazaar where log just does the right thing, following renames and sorting topologically, without needing to be specially asked? We certainly do.

Of course, log is just one command. Go ahead and repeat the above test on any other commonly used operation like add, diff or commit. Git is undoubtedly powerful but, in our view, it’s far more complex than a version control tool needs to be for most people.

PS. Мопед не мой, я просто дал объяву. Т.е. у меня нет мнения на этот счет, я не поддерживаю никакой точки зрения (пока). Просто троллинг понравился :)

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