вторник, 17 февраля 2015 г.

[prog] Two introductory presentations about SObjectizer-5.5

The SObjectizer is a tool for simplification of development of concurrent and event-driven applications in C++. For the very long time almost all information about this project was in Russian language only. But we have spent some time preparing documentation and some introductory materials in English.

There are two first presentations about SObjectizer-5.5.

Upd, Jan 2016. Presentations updated to reflect the latest stable version 5.5.15.

The first one gives the short answer to the question "What is SObjectizer-5.5". If you have no enough time but want to take look at SObjectizer then this presentation is for you.

This presentation is also on SlideShare.

The second one contains more detailed information about SObjectizer-5.5 and can be used as training material for studying programming with SObjectizer. Please see this one if you have some time and want to get more deep impression about SObjectizer:

This presentation is also on SlideShare.

Other parts of "Dive into SObjectizer-5.5" serie can be found here.

More information about the project could be found on project's page on SF.net (for example the basics of SObjectizer is described in the corresponding section of project's Wiki).

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