среда, 27 мая 2015 г.

[prog.c++11] SObjectizer v.5.5.5 Released!

A version 5.5.5 of SObjectizer core is released!

In short the changes in 5.5.5 are:

  • new helpers methods `introduce_coop` and `introduce_child_coop` for simplification of coops creation and registration (more details);
  • a possibility to use tuples as messages (more details);
  • message delivery filters which allow to check a message content before storing the message to the receiver event-queue (more details);
  • a new example added to SObjectizer (example description).

All detailed information about new features can be found in the corresponding Wiki section. There is a short presentation with overview of new features:

This presentation is also on SlideShare.

The v.5.5.5 can be obtained from the corresponding Files section or can be checked out from Subversion repository. Or from the mirror on GitHub.

There are the following archives in the Files section:

  • so-5.5.5 ([zip], [7z]) -- this is source code of SObjectizer core (with sources of samples and tests);
  • so-5.5.5--doc-html ([zip], [7z]) -- generated by Doxygen API Reference Manual;
  • so-5.5.5--bin-msvs2013-x86 ([zip], [7z]) -- the full source code with 32-bit binaries for Windows (compiled by MS Visual Studio 2013 Express);
  • so-5.5.5--bin-msvs2013-x86_amd64 ([zip], [7z]) -- the full source code with 64-bit binaries for Windows (compiled by MS Visual Studio 2013 Express).

There are also two new presentations in the serie "Dive into SObjectizer-5.5":

This presentation is also on SlideShare.

This presentation is also on SlideShare.

All presentations related to SObjectizer-5.5 could be found here.

A special thanks to Alex Syrnikov for his help during preparation of this release and his work on SObjectizer’s mirror on GitHub.

The SObjectizer project needs some help. We are not English-speaking so it is hard to us to write a documentation for SO-5 with fluent level of English. It would be great if someone with good knowledge of English takes care of reading articles from the project's Wiki and fixing ours mistakes.

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