четверг, 22 марта 2012 г.

[prog] ICU 49 Released

Вышла версия 49 (или 4.9, если следовать старой системе нумерации версий) большой библиотеки ICU – инструмента для работы с Unicode и другими связанными с интернализацией (i18n) вещами (числами, датами, текстами, регулярными выражениями и пр.).

Загрузить можно отсюда: http://site.icu-project.org/download/49

Тем, кто не знаком с ICU, можно заглянуть сюда: http://userguide.icu-project.org/

Список изменений весьма большой:

Common Changes

  • Unicode 6.1: New scripts & blocks; changes to grapheme break & line break property values; some characters change from symbol to Po or No; etc.
  • CLDR 21.0.1: Changes in segmentation data to match Unicode 6.1; new structures for support of Chinese calendar, for context-dependent capitalization, for gender of lists of people, for ordinal categories, and for multiple number systems per locale; deprecation of "commonlyUsed" element in timezone names; removal of "whole-locale" aliases; major cleanups of timezone names, delimiter data, abbreviated number data.
  • Normalizer2 API additions
    • Easier-to-use getInstance() variants; e.g., getNFDInstance() (#8246)
    • Getter for the combining-class value for a code point (#8606)
    • Getter for the raw Decomposition_Mapping (#8804)
    • Pairwise composition (#8804)
  • TimeZone class: (C++) Getter for unknown time zone, (Java) fields for GMT & unknown zone (#8779)
  • Support for deprecation of the "commonlyUsed" element for CLDR metazones (#8811)
  • DateTimePatternGenerator can now use separate patterns for skeletons that differ only in MMM vs MMMM or EEE vs EEEE,  etc. (#7930)
  • Support for custom DecimalFormatSymbols in RuleBasedNumberFormat (#8940)
  • Format and parse Chinese calendar dates including support for intercalary months (#8958, #8959, #8977)
  • Context Transforms for context-dependent capitalization behavior (#9110)
  • APIs for TimeZoneNames and TimeZoneFormat (#8512, #8513)
  • Support for new date format pattern "ZZZZZ" for ISO 8601 zone format (#9045)
  • Options for ambiguous local time resolution in Calendar (#8916)
  • Support for ISO 4217 numeric currency code (#7964)

ICU4C Specific Changes

  • One platform.h file used on all platforms now (#8452)
  • Smaller binaries with static-linked ICU (#8453)
  • Explicit constructors in UnicodeString (#7877)
  • Option for not including utf headers (#8575)
  • Added function u_printf (#8579)
  • C++ namespace support (#8680)
  • DateFormat/SimpleDateFormat format/parse const methods are really const now (#8844)
  • Service Provider: link against multiple ICUs, access using just locale ID for collation and date formating services (#8157)

PS. Сам я ICU не использую, но за развитием подсматриваю :)

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